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Wollongong to Greencape

Mekong Marvin

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Gday all. 

I am a new member that has recently returned to Australia after many years sailing around South East Asia. Looking for some advice for fishing off the rocks on the South coast of NSW.  Before my sailing adventures I fished most places from the Ovens in Sydney to Iluka breakwall for years. Mostly LBG, now I am living in Wollongong and looking to continue my LBG passion. 

To be honest I have never fished South of Sydney and know nothing about it.  Of course I have read all the magazine about the tubes, devils gorge,greencape etc etc.  Would love to hear from anyone likeminded that can give me a bit of insite .

Thight lines 



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I spent a lot of years LBG fishing around the Jervis Bay area. Things have changed a lot over the last 15 years and many of the good platforms like Devils Gorge and Brooks Rock are no longer fishable, due to either being in a sanctuary zone or the Beecroft Bombardment Range.

The two best platforms left around Currarong are Big Beecroft/Mermaids Inlet and Eaves Ravine. The tubes is another option of course though its  ridiculously overcrowded in prime season and there can be a lot of aggro stemming from crossed lines etc.

Big Beecroft is a fair walk in, around 45 minutes, with a relatively save access and is a large platform that can cope with quite a crowd. The north end is low to the water and great for casting lures, but the south end quite high and fishable in all but the larger swells. You can get yakkas there occasionally, but if live baiting is your thing, bait is best carried in.

Eaves Ravine is more of a dangerous climb in, nothing over the top as long as you don't have a fear of heights and is fishable in moderate swells. Its a smaller platform than Beecroft and really only copes with 4 or 5 fishos max, so if you plan fishing there, be sure to arrive early. Yakkas are more prevalent here, but to get them you must catch them in the predawn darkness.

Both these platforms fish well from around January to April for all the species of inshore tuna and kings from rats to unstoppable beasts.  Early in the season you can add plenty of hammerheads and the odd marlin into the mix.

I've fished other platforms both north and south of Currarong like Blowhole Point at Kiama and Snapper Point at Pretty Beach, but they don't produce like the rocks around Jervis Bay.

If there's anything else I can help you with regarding the above areas, send me a PM and I'll help where I can.

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Im further south of JB (Narooma area). Most rock platforms don't fish like they once did, even using our boat to cover bigger areas in a day we don't see a huge amount like you will of read about in the magazines. This is something you will quite easily see from spearfish comps along the the coast, very few large quality fish like snapper and kings unless you head north.

I've dived from Mallacoota to Ulladulla and while we see a few good fish, nothing seems consistent. As for places like the tubes at JB, yes it fishes well at times but you will often be shoulder to shoulder with many anglers some of which will see you as trespassing on their property!!!!


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