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Spinning rod for off the rocks for plastics ?


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Hey fellas I’m thinking of going a shorter rod for off the rocks for throwing just plastics, looking at around the 7ft mark and was wanting the rod to be around the 5-10kg mark and 20-50gram lure rating, what do use recommend 

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First suggestion based on matching all your criteria is the Frogley’s ArrowZ Offshore range and specifically the AAS-270H (or the same in the 1 piece AAS-70H) which is 7’ foot exactly and rated for 10 to 50g lures and a line rating 14 to 30lb. If you look around I’ve found these for about $130.

They are pretty light too so fairly effortless when casting for long periods.

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5 hours ago, Rebel said:

@DerekD Would the Arrow AAS-70H 7' I pce rod be a better rod than the Samaki Zing Gen 3. 7' 1 pce ?

Hi Rebel, not sure as I haven't had a play with the Samaki rod yet. I'd have to try them side by side and based on the quality of manufacture of fishing gear these days I suspect they would both be excellent. I find the ArrowZ to be at a comfortable price point too for what you get.

I got into the ArrowZ range in the bream series to match a lovely Stradic 1000 reel given to me as a thank you present. Liked them so much that I picked up several more.

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1 hour ago, Rebel said:

@DerekD Thank you. I will go and have a look at the Arrow. They are around the same price give or take $10.00


Just check that you get the right model. The ArrowZ range has a lot of options and the Frogley Offshore website is not particularly user friendly in that you have to jump around to find the different models.

I wish they would put everything in the same table and have written to Frogley about this as it would make comparing across the range easier. I ended up buying three different models in the 1 to 10lb range whereas two would have done me - maybe they are smarter than I give them credit for. 😀

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