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Any News on South West Rocks??


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I have a planned / booked trip to SWR this week and next week, and would appreciate some intel’ on conditions up there.

I can’t  get out of my flooded road at Nth Richmond (Tennyson) for at least another 3 days, probably Sunday when the roads / bridge is useable.

is anyone up that way that can give me some insights to local conditions (river, bar, beaches, ramp access etc) and likelihood of getting out next week? 

Much appreciated.

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The road is open as far as I'm aware, the macleay flooded but not massive wasn'tas bad as predicted, it's really brown but it's dropped most of the debris should be clearing up, there were massive seas over the weekend, they've settled a bit, I'll duck over there this arvo and do a quick ramp recon for you if I get a chance

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Had a look at the Macleay at Stuarts point, looking really really muddy much worse than I thought, and still a lot of debris, plummers lane (rd to SWR) appears to be open.

Assuming this good weather hangs around it might be fishable by next week, I'm heading to Port Macquarie for a couple of days, I can give you an update on the Macleay Sunday arvo when I'm heading home if you like

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