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DECKEE NEWSLETTER - Trip Logging on Deckee App!


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ūüď≤¬†NEW: Log your trips in Deckee

Your Deckee app just went to a whole new level: You can now log your trips on the water! One of our most highly requested features is now available in public beta.

Log your first trip

ūüď̬†Monitor your speed, distance and¬†heading

The new Trips feature displays your speed (kn), distance (nm) and heading in real-time, to increase your awareness and assist with navigation. It also records the total trip time for future reference. 


✅ Save all trips to your logbook

Save your completed trips to your profile and fill your logbook. Your Trip summary shows total distance and trip time, average speed, as well as the start and finish times, with the option to add notes. 


ūüĆŹ Share your trip with friends and family

You can easily share trips you have taken with family, friends via text message, email or social media.

Log your first trip

‚≠ź Share a review of Deckee on your App Store and help spread the word¬†

Deckee is made possible by a passionate team, dedicated to helping you stay safe and informed on the water. If you would like to help us in return, please consider leaving a review of Deckee on the App Store or Google Play Store. We read them all and they really make a difference!

Until next time,

Mike, Deckee Founder

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