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62cm mullet landed on 6lb Cooks river


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I grew up fishing for mullet went I was a kid - my local was the Scarborough Ponds in Ramsgate.  But never anything that large.   Great fun and sport - have fond memories. 

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Berrero - great fish. I was down there around 2 weekends ago (Thursday before Good Friday), along the breakwall - and saw the mullet feeding too. I thought they were Tailor or Bonito so threw a small 15g pillchard metal in the mix and foul hooked one of them.

I reckon it went 55cm, hooked in the top of the head, as was one of the best fights I've had of any fish in Australia. At least 55cm (didn't post as wasn't sure on the mullet etiquette; last big fish I landed was a carp which didn't go down well on here! :D) 

Shortly after, I assume I foul hooked another, which my Daiwa Caldia 3000 (15lb Tasline, 14lb leader) 2-6kb rod simply couldn't stop. I ran 100m along the bank to get line back, fully nearly spooled me - before snapping off at the leader on the breakwall oyster rocks. Mullet or not, amazing fun on light tackle.

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