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  Just had the pleasure of 3 days at Wyangala with 3 like minded fishos. Fishing was tough to say the least. Trolled and spun all manner of lures all over the lake and river arms. bait fished worms and yabbies even tried some Big Neil inspired cheese fishing. We landed one small cod lost a carp boat side hooked on a stump jumper. Whilst the guys headed into town for supplies thought i would try my go to estuary tactic.  Soft plastic on the 3kg gear straight out from our accomadation spinning a pretty flat bank with a bit of weed growth and landed a nice golden perch of about 40cm who put up a good fight  on the light gear, first native on a soft plastic so i was pretty happy. Lack of fish aside a great trip in an awesome waterway the scenery and wildlife alone is worth the effort and cant wait to have another crack. Cant add any photos as my phones camera chose a fine time to crash on me. Happy Easter tight lines. 

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