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Budgewoi Custom Built Rods


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Hi Raiders

I picked up a few Dual Purpose rods today. They have both high and low reel mounts for Alvey or spin reel9D099FC2-206A-41B0-8808-5170F9D13BA4.thumb.jpeg.a4c6c58c1eb6cddfe84b93c6376b0621.jpeg

The green one is from Budgewoi Sports, built by B. Sommerville 12ft 6. Under the sand spike are letters BGS. The sandspike  labeled 6138. 
The yellow is an SS138 Buttereorth I think the green is too540F4C45-8B58-4729-87DF-904567197D76.thumb.jpeg.efafdbfe740dfede2b67c720d61e5da1.jpeg

The Maroon is labeled Spiraflex which I’m assuming is a Conolon blank from NZ but Custom built at Budgeoi by the same  store

Any info would be appreciated 




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Some of the numbers on the rods I thought were model numbers are actually the date of the build.

I looked up Budgiewoi Marine and Sports, The phone number is the same with the additional digit and area code. I’ll call today.



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Nice score ! Look to be in good nick for their age .
I haven’t been in that store since 2007! Surprised it is still going as many have gone the way of the dodo since the big chain stores took over .

I was thinking of getting my mag bream re bound - I gave away building rods about 20yrs ago and can’t be bothered setting up and doing it myself so I might get him to tart it up for me! I don’t know anyone in Sydney that does this anymore ?


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XD351 I’ll send you a pm

Spoke to the guys at Budgiewoi

BGS stands for ‘Bloody Good Stick’ it is a Butterworth 

Spiraflex is a Conolon and came out of the Kilwell factory in NZ. Earlier blanks were coated in a poohy brown to protect them from the sun.

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Thanks Ryder , message received and replied to .

All good rods ! 
All of the Beach/ rock rods I built were on Snyder blanks , probably because they were common at most tackle stores - back when tackle stores were tackle stores and not department stores !

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