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First time going Hairtail fishing


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Taking the tinny out tomorrow night looking for hairtail, I don’t want to take my boat to far in the dark for a first time trip. Does anyone know if the hairtail are at Akuna  bay or Waratah bay at the moment which are not to far away from the boat ramps.




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With Hairtail they might be there one night and not the next. Waratah bay is very popular and one of the likely bays that they will show up in, but there are never guarantees with Hairtail.

It does get very foggy in the area so check if there is a bit of breeze forecast as this generally keeps the fog away.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.


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We went hairtailing last night for zero. There seemed to be many more last year. Hairtail are like that some years are better than others. 

Jerusalem Bay has been holding just a few and try Waratah Bay that is very close to the ramp at Apple Tree Bay

Ensure you have the Deckee App so you can log your trip and save or share with friends. 

Ensure you have a very good torch to light up the wharf when you come back. It is dark and no light on the ramp!! Travel slowly in case of debris. Wear plenty of warm clothes!

Have fun and good luck.

Here is one report from swordie recently an another from me last year


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