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DECKEE AMBASSADOR - interview with nbdshroom


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Peter Phung, most commonly known as Shroom throughout the fishing community, is a passionate fisho slowly amassing a strong online following who hang out patiently for him to release his weekly videos on Youtube or a new episode of his podcast. 

Fans resonate with Shroom’s enthusiasm and sense of adventure, and his love of fishing is clear. Based out of Sydney’s south-west, Shroom joins Deckee as a brand ambassador with the goal of promoting safe fishing practices. Shroom talks with us about getting started in fishing, and what you can do to ensure your next trip out on the water is a success.


What was your first experience out boating?

My first experience fishing was out on the Georges River when I was about five years old. I used to get out on the river with my dad and fish baits in the water. I wasn't even able to use a rod because I was so young, but I found that fishing really resonated with me and I enjoyed it from an early age. My dad recognised this early on and got me a hand line, a simple rig with a sinker and a hook. I found fishing really interesting, and I started to learn how to tie knots and floats to my line. It turned out to be a big monstrosity, having a handline with a bunch of hooks and sinkers and floats attached to it. That was my earliest memory.

I started boating when I was a teenager. I got invited out by one of my mates to go out fishing on Botany Bay. It was an awesome experience. After stepping onto the boat and bobbing around out on the water, I fell in love with boating that day. 


What fishing gear do you most like to use?

I like to use light line fishing gear, so finesse fishing. Something in the range of 2-4 kg rod with a light reel. I carry with me a few jugheads and some plastics, and away I go. 


What is the best part of going out fishing?

I like fishing as a hobby, but it can take you to a lot of interesting places. You can really set goals for yourself and achieve what you want. You can compete or treat it more like a relaxation past time. If you like solitude you can fish by yourself, or can join a club and meet new people that share the same passions you do. There is no real limit to the opportunities that fishing provides. It's why I continue to fish today. 


Is there a type of fishing you would like to try or do more of?

Rock fishing is something that I would like to try. Maybe try to spin some lures off the rocks or fish in close for drummer. 


What advice can you give to people that want to take up fishing?

Fishing is a sport where you can start off in the most basic way, with a line and a hook. Once you attach your bait you can go from there, and slowly you can understand what you can do and what you can improve. Then you can step up to using a rod, and maybe sinker for longer distance casting, and try different baits. There are so many techniques for bait and lure fishing. On a boat you can try downrigging, trawling or bottom bashing. There are so many facets of fishing, and how to catch something. You could spend a lifetime perfecting it, and you are always learning. 


What are some major advances you have seen develop in the fishing community?

There is always something new on the market, and the sport is always evolving. There have been major advances in technology. Fishing has never remained static throughout time. 

The internet was not as developed and social media was not mainstream back when I started fishing so information was often obtained through books, word of mouth and other avenues. Over the years as the internet evolved, I found my way onto Fishraider. I served as a senior moderator for many years. It was and still is a great place to discuss fishing and boating matters that are relevant to anglers of all skill levels. Fast-forward to 2021, I am more greatly involved in the scene and still finding new ways to enjoy fishing and boating as they continually evolve. 

Digital applications, particularly for mobile devices, has seen a better understanding of the weather, boating safety and the aquatic environment and a different mindset regarding longevity and conservation of this sport. There's a much bigger focus on conservation and sustainability now. 


How can fishermen reduce their risk of incidents out on the open water?

It comes down to doing the research and paying attention to alerts. There are different regulations depending on where you choose to fish, so keep that in mind. 


What is your number one safety tip before heading out on the water?

Fish within your limits. There is always an element of risk. You may be fishing off the coast or go out fishing in the dark at a time when there are not many people about that can help if you get in trouble. It's an activity that's influenced by the conditions of the water and the weather. 

If you are on a boat make sure you have all the safety gear and follow all the rules and regulations of the area you're fishing in. plan your trip ahead of time by reading the swell and weather conditions, and remember that it is only a prediction. A forecast is only an indicator of what conditions will be like, and may not be what you see on the day. There is always an opportunity to pull the pin and come back another day. 


Describe your perfect day out on the water

The best day out fishing would be on a day that I didn't even realise I had off. I would call up a few friends and get out on the water for the whole day. We would dangle a few lines and have a few laughs, and maybe enjoy a sunrise … and if we caught some fish, even better!


When it comes to boating, which do you enjoy more: the journey or the destination?

I prefer the journey. For me, the journey signifies all the ups and downs, all the interesting bits along the way. There is no particular end point in fishing, it's a never-ending journey. When I am out fishing, I try to absorb the whole experience.  

What attracted you to the Deckee app? What features can people who love fishing most utilise?







Deckee is the free boating app for local information, weather, navigation aids and official alerts and notices.




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