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DECKEE NEWSLETTER - BOM Weather warnings now on your Deckee App


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⚠️ Getting a weather warning could save your life. Deckee now sends you timely weather warnings in Australia directly to your mobile device.

🌦 NEW: BOM weather warnings in Australia available now on Deckee

Official Bureau of Meteorology weather warnings are now displayed automatically in your Deckee app! Active warnings appear in the weather panel of your chosen location, direct from the local weather station. 

You should always have multiple ways to stay updated on marine weather, and Deckee is proud to deliver you crucial warnings in a new and convenient way. 

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📲 NEW: Receive push notifications for official weather warnings in your area

Deckee will now also send you a timely push notification when your current position or home location is within a warning area.

To receive weather warning notifications, please ensure you have enabled the relevant permissions for Deckee in your device settings.

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⛈ Understanding marine weather forecasts

It is important to check the weather before you even decide to get out on the water. Here is a guide on how to read a marine forecast.

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🌊 The keys to survival at sea

Are you prepared to be rescued at sea if you fall overboard? Here are ways to increase your chances of survival.

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Share a review of Deckee on your App Store and help spread the word 

Deckee is made possible by a passionate team, dedicated to helping you stay safe and informed on the water. If you would like to help us in return, please consider leaving a review of Deckee on the App Store or Google Play Store. We read them all and they really make a difference!


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