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DECKEE NEWSLETTER - 29th July 2021 Embracing the Fishraider community with Donna


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Embracing the Fishraider community with Donna Barton

If you have a passion for fishing and boating, then you have probably already heard of the online community forum Fishraider.

Since Deckee acquired Fishraider in January 2020, the site has seen a huge increase in membership and guest users posting for the first time who are keen to get involved. 

Fishraider has over 30,000 members and is the go-to site for anything related to fishing and boating in Australia. 

Fishraider community manager Donna Barton has been at the helm of the forum since 2004, and her journey started when she sought to share her fishing experiences with like-minded anglers. Deckee chats with Donna about the passionate group of fishos on Fishraider, her own love of fishing and how the Deckee app has become an ideal resource for the boating community. 


How did you first discover your passion for fishing?

I started really getting into fishing when I met my husband, and he knew everything about equipment and lures.

I started out fishing with soft plastics. A lot of fishermen say they struggle to catch anything with them, but I'm pretty good at being able to catch different types of fish. 

I started catching fish, and I posted one of the very first fish I had caught on a fishing forum. I got no response. 

I knew from there that it was a bit of a boys club. I remember thinking to myself, ‘I really have to get stuck in here to represent all the women out there who love to fish’. 

That is how I found Fishraider. 


Why is Fishraider so popular amongst anglers in Australia?

I joined Fishraider very early on, It was a very welcoming community. When the original owner had to move on, I decided to take over running the site. That was in 2004, and I have been managing the forums ever since. 

We have managed to work it up into a really great space for fishing enthusiasts. Over the years Fishraider has hosted a lot of educational sessions, and has helped members obtain boat licenses and enrol in Radio Operators Certification. 

Fishraider has a wide range of discussion boards, articles, forecasts and guides for water lovers to access and contribute to. A number of Deckee ambassadors are active on the forums providing invaluable tips and advice from their local areas.

What is the best part of being out on the water?

What is the best part of being out on the water?

Variety is the spice of life. I really enjoy exploring different places and trying to find new species to catch. 

We have a caravan now, so we travel up to the Gulf of Carpentaria and into the Northern Territory to fish in some of the most remote places in the country. It is quite exciting.

The goal is to always catch lots of fish. Being able to catch a new species I haven't caught before, snap a picture then release it back into the water is an excellent way to spend a day on the water. I like to write up a report for Fishraider right there on the boat. 


What advice can you give to first-time boaters?

A great way to start out is to join the Fishraider forums and download the Deckee app on your phone. 

Education is key. Providing people with the resources to educate themselves on fishing is important. Deckee does a great job of making information readily available in a convenient way.

When you first buy a boat, it is important to have some knowledge on how to operate and look after it. 


What are some common mistakes first-time boaters encounter regarding safety?

The most common mistake I see first-time boaters make is how to launch a boat off the ramp. That is important to know how to do properly, not just for your safety but also for those around you.

Another important thing to remember is to check that all your safety equipment is in working order before you plan to head out on the water. I see things like this happen all the time because the owner or skipper is inexperienced.


How can fishos reduce their risk of incident?

When it comes to fishing, people need to take extra care when fishing off rocks. Wearing a lifejacket increases your chances of survival if you are washed off a big wave, but some fishermen still don’t feel the need to wear them. 

Being prepared before you go out fishing goes a long way to ensuring you have a successful day. Experienced fishos will spend half a day re-rigging lines and checking knots, making sure all the equipment needed is on board. 

Safety webinars are a great way to inform fishos on what they can do to reduce the risk of incidents out on the water. Fishraider covers a range of topics including how to set off flares in an emergency, how to use an EPIRB and information on changes to fishing restrictions and laws. 


Join fishraider.com.au, Australia's #1 community of fishing enthusiasts, to see the latest fishing reports from anglers and stay updated with fishing news.



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