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Heads up ,for those of us that can still fish in 5km limit,living near the airport has locked me in a small but productive area of BBay,Prior to lockdown I was looking forward to fish eastern suburbs beaches ,and possibly some rock fishing at Laperouse.My new plan of attack is to fish around lower cooks river,Kyeema beach areas and Botany boat ramp.This time of year is usually tough ,But I’d expect  a few TREVs to be about ,possible Kingfish and usual bread and butter species to make a show.Maybe a time to try and be adventurous like try for different fish,new areas , and different techniques.Just got to get off my baskside and do it .Even if it’s catch and release to stretch a line,and possibly catch a PB.Good luck and health to,all.

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By the way the post of Jannis family fishing adventure can inspire us all not to give up,They fished in tough conditions,harsh environment and by the sound of it within a 2km section of river.Good read in the report section if you get the chance.Allthe best.

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