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Anyone want to help moderate fishraider?


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We have lots of new members lately asking lots of questions. We could do with some help moderating.


  • Time - visit the site daily/frequently and read reports
  • Knowledge of fishing and Departmental rules (know where to find the info)
  • Knowledge of fishraider site rules and how they apply
  • A sense of the ridiculous
  • Social media use
  • Some computer literacy - if you can navigate your way around fishraider that is all that is needed
  • Help members with queries where you can and welcome newbies

Generally I need help with people to read posts and moderate if needed. It is very easy to do now we can do from smartphones and tablets etc. It is a love job. If we all do a bit it helps keep our community the great place it is. You will get a few more tools to do the job.

I can train you and it will take under an hour to show you around all the features and some new tools you will get.
If you would like to have a chat please pm me.


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