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Must Have Trout Flies

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dry flies mate :thumbup:


It is horses for courses. ie Where are you going to be using these flies? The old saying of match the hatch! Have a look at what insect life is arround the area you are going to fish. e.g. A Christmas beatle pattern used in the middle of Autumn would not be as effective as the same fly used in summer.

If you are looking for a dry fly that you could use as a speculater I would suggest something like a red tag or a stimulater(see below)

post-688-1136012003_thumb.jpg Stimulator This fly does not really represent any one specific food type rather it is suggestive of a few e.g. grass hopper, cricket...

hope this was helpful I am sure others with greater experience might be able to help.



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if I had to chose three flies they would be a Red Tag a Royal Wulff and a small brown nymph.

If I had to chose more than that I would go a caddis,a Klinkhammer and perhaps a small hopper pattern for this time of year.

Each of the flies mentioned I would have in various sizes from a 18 up to a twelve.

Just my opinion

Big Pete :1fishing1:

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I found this weekend up at thredbo that the fly was not the most important thing. Any stimulator or attractor patten I used seemed to work just fine.

It was more where it was fished and getting a good drift that made the difference.


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The dries I wouldnt leave home without

Red Tag 10-16 imitates beetles and bugs one of the all time great non descripts

Elk hair caddis in 10 to 16 for caddis in the evening and also small hoppers

geehi beetle 10-16 beetles and hoppers

royal wullf 10-18, one of the all time great attractor flies, trout love em

grizzly adams 10-22 the small ones are good when the midges are around. good generic mayfly, moth caddis ets non descript, great searching pattern, floats well cause of deer hair in tail

yellow and olive stimulators in 8 -12, stoneflies and hoppers

nobby hoppers in 8-12 for when the grasshoppers are around

a couple 0f black muddler minnows in 8 or 10 for late evening good cricket copy and great silouette,fish with twitches

a couple of black winged ants and a coulple of brown or cinnamon in 14 or 16 and a couple of flying termite flies the same, they might sit in the box for a year, but if your on the river when the ants fly and youve got the right pattern it can be a dream day

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