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Replacement SP and lure outfit


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I just recently lost my spinning outfit overboard (that's another story!), so am now in the market to replace it. The outfit I lost was a Shimano Bream Raider 1-4kg rod with a Shimano Stradic Ci4 2500 reel.

I loved the Shimano Raider rod, and will probably replace it with the same, but keen to hear other suggestions in the ~$100-$150 price range

The Stradic reel was great at first, but got quite noisy and crunchy after not much use. Would love to get another because it was such a nice reel initially, but after having another Shimano reel do similar, I'm keen to try other brands. Keen to hear reel recommendations in the ~$200 range. I'm currently leaning towards the Diawa BG 2500. 

Will be using the setup for bream and flathead fishing with SPs, lures, soft vibes etc. 

Thanks for any recommendations.



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Have a look at the Atomic ArrowZ range. Specifically the AAS-270UL. 3 to 10lb line rating and 3 to 14gram lure weight. 7 foot 2 piece.

On special I've heard of them at $100 but usually around the $120 to $130.

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6 minutes ago, seasponge said:

Thanks Derek, will check them out.

I still own several Raider rods and loved using them over the years but these are a touch lighter and a real pleasure to use.

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