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Kangaroo river trout


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Hey everyone,

I'm a bit of a trout tragic from Sydney and I have recently returned from a trip to Lake Jindabyne. The urge to find one of these closer to home has bitten again and I looked up the stocking details for places nearer to home. I noticed that a section near Carrington Falls in the Kangaroo Valley seems to receive regular stocking of rainbows. Has anyone actually caught one here and what size might I expect to catch if one at all?

Today I was working relatively close to Fitzroy reservoir and tried my luck there but i'm blaming the weather and fishing location over my ability to catch fish ;)

If the falls aren't a spot are there any others that might produce one.

Clearly don't give away the prize spot that you have just some general advice.

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With the recent rains & frequent releasing of water into the Nepean river there have been quite a few trout caught in the system all the way down to the weir the upper reaches towards the dam wall would be more productive, lake Lyell at Lithgow has them & surrounding rivers just over the blue mountains depending on flow in the streams & river’s 

google the rivers for access & do a bit of research on the FR site, hopefully this helps 

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