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  1. Great report & good on you for working hard to pass on the kingy addiction to your mates 😎
  2. Well done on beating those pesky divers to the honey hole & almost filling up the built in esky / fish well before they arrived. Sounds like the yakkas were almost jumping into the boat 😎 Nice work on removing the leg jewellery (ouch) hopefully it heals well & doesn’t leave to much of a scare for future stories As always great report & photos 👍
  3. Coming together nicely 😎, painting it was a top idea from your wife 👍 A suggestion that might help with overhanging branches etc is if you used the top mount of the rod holder & mounted it to the base of the crate & angled it back slightly towards the rack supports with bracing. The two squares in the rod holder look like 50mm pvc could fit through & could be mounted to the cross bar for added bracing & extra rod/net storage, thin foam inserts could protect rods etc from bumps/damage & from sliding out
  4. If I’m fishing land based which is quite frequent these days running the hook once or twice across sandstone, rock or even concrete is usually enough to sharpen them up enough to pass the finger nail test unless of course if the tip has broken off
  5. Still looks like a great time away & some good fish as well. The tusk fish aren’t bad on the chew & don’t the golden trevally go hard as well as the permit I believe, beautiful colours on the diamond trev. 👍😎 Did you stay onboard the house boat
  6. Great to see that you’ve taken the plunge into bike fishing as you’ve great access to both sides of the river with the old rail bridge at your doorstep & endless kilometres of paths to explore As @XD351 did I used my bike to access Lanecove & parts of parra river using a shoulder bag or pack pack, rod tied or occy strapped to the top cross bar & either held or tied the landing net to the seat pole Looking at your bike you could possibly fix one or two pvc pipes around 40 to 50mm diameter for the rods on a slight angle from the forks back along the cross bar to your seat pole not to high of course, no need to put your block & tackle in danger if a sudden safety stop is needed 😆
  7. You’ve definitely confirmed it for me I do not want to be related to you, I can only imagine how you test your anchor prongs out 😂
  8. Great report Albert & congrats on knocking off a new species as well as working out the area & cracking the code, even getting cold feet to salvage the tassie. Hope you get to upgrade your PB while your still there 😎👍👍
  9. Saw my neighbour taking a photo on her veranda one afternoon thought I’d have a look a few down by the water some local wild life on different days & locations FullSizeRender.mov Above is a video of a lookout only a few locals know of with some dolphins Below is a video of a seal feeding on a school of salmon IMG_0564.MOV This morning with the large surf
  10. I’ve changed my mind I don’t want to be part of your family, I’d hate to know what you’d do to your son Inlaw if that’s how you treat your son 😂
  11. 61 crusher

    Where to sell?

    Can I be your son in law, I’ll even show you how to get a fish on your hook😄🤣
  12. Great report & boat, love the parking spot for the boat, looks like you could get livies there at night or early morning
  13. Great photos & report, congrats on the firsts, the mixed bag & those pearlies are next level, one of my favourites to eat
  14. Well done on another great session Bob, I’m curious have you fished without bananas lately & do you do as well without them onboard 😄
  15. Another nice quick flick session you’re definitely making the most of small windows of opportunity & getting rewarded for your efforts Makes one wonder if the line twist is a combination of spiralling during a cast & the manufacturing process When I used to get line twist in mono from casting, memory in the line or someone had incorrectly spooled we’d feed most of the line with nothing on the end out the back of a moving boat & give it a few minutes before winding back in. In your case LF a quick ferry ride 😁
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