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Light tackle Game fishing?

couch fisho

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5 hours ago, couch fisho said:

Been thinking about it for a while just want to know if anyone knows some tips or stories

Not really my area but by light game I presume you mean fishing standing, with a rod/set up light enough to be used in a gimbal/harness right rather than sitting in a chair?


Its a bit of a wide subject as some people are using spin gear on species such as Marlin to larger overheads as well.


Have a look through here, you might get something from reading through some of these-


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Light game, as in 20-40g lures on a light rod for salmon and tailor from the shore.

Light game as light outfits for kings, bonito, dolphin fish etc.

Light game as in spin gear for yellowfin, bluefin and striped marlin.

Light game as in standup gear on tuna, marlin etc.

Light game can lend itself to almost any fishing, what are you thinking of ?

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