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Broken pedestal seat Ulladulla area - any advice valued!


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Happy New Year everyone!

Would value some advice/suggestions for replacing some seats and the pedestal bases on my Quintrex 2003 Coastrunner.

I snapped the pedestal base yesterday and would love to get it repaired/replaced asap as hoping to get the boat out a lot over the next few weeks before I get back to Sydney and reality! I’m currently in Ulladulla.

Have contacted a well known marine store (Rex’s last name) in Bateman’s Bay but they have none in stock at the moment.

Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated - have put a few photos up.

Without all my tools etc with me- I’m happy to pay for someone to install if available.







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A great example of work before you post! Thanks dunc333 for your help- much appreciated mate!

Was able to muster a few tools together and remove the old pedestal and seat- have organised some replacements and will pick up tomorrow.

Looks pretty simple to reattach the new one as long as I make sure it is the same base set up (size, screw holes etc.)



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I think that little plastic gizmo on the bottom is something unique to Telwater boats, if you are going to replace the base as well, you will probably have a hell of a job getting those screws out.

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All’s well that ends well!

Picked up some tools and new bases and seats from Dave Hill Marine in Nowra who were fantastic!!! (Thanks for the tip!)

Luckily all pretty smooth and have set up 2 new seats and pedestals- ready to get out and fish again!

Thanks all for your help and support!




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