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Viva Fishing Rod


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The Lox range is top quality although a bit pricey for me.

I have a old Viva barra master and it's my most used outfit, I have a ABU Revo baitcaster loaded with 20lb braid and it's accounted for some of the best fish I have ever landed including a 116 cm Barra.


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Yes mate same company. Although being totally different rods the brand name is the same.

I also have a 10kg game rod by Viva and several reels of various styles. I have always liked Viva but can't afford the price of Lox rods , If I could I would have a stable full of them.

You are right with the lox and yours and my rods being several generations apart, but still great rods.


I have caught some great fish with mine , several Barramundi heaps of Yellabelly and even a few decent kingies.

As I said before it's my most used rod, I take it on every trip. And is the first outfit to go in the boat.


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Thanks again for your reply Frank. Viva got back to me and said it was probably one of their first generation surf rods. Will confirm details on Monday when they are back in the office.

so looks like this rod will not be relegated just yet.



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