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slow pitch jigging/ normal jigging/ what ever els?


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I have been looking at trying to do a bit of slowpitch jigging from my kayak, yes it is possible, I have a mate who uses knife jigs off a kayak, but that isnt the main part of this. 

my main questions are, what do i exactly do? Like im pretty sure I have the basics but what leader, what main line, what weight jigs for depth, size hooks ect? 

Im not going to use jigging as my main way of catching things, just if i see a school of stuff on the sounder ill chuck one on just for some fun so I don't really care about the weight of the rod and reel all that much. 

for knife jigs, if i really feel like it ill probably just use my live baiting setup.

I only have 2 slow pitch jigs, they were $5 from a chuck out bin so I thought bugger it may as well try something new. 

What kind of fish do you catch on jigs? Ive heard of mackrel, kings, tailor, salmon, bream, jewfish, samson, snapper and a whole bunch of others 

Thanks, I had a look in the article section and couldnt find anything

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Not familiar with jigging in kayaks but have done a bit of micro and slow jigging from a boat with some success. I use 20-40g jigs with 12lb leader and just bounce the jig off the bottom or around a school of bait. I’ve caught kingfish, salmon, flathead, and various other species wit this method. 

This guy does a lot of jigging in his kayak and is catches a lot of fish.


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