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  1. I had the same issue on Stockton. Started throwing 70g jigs, problem solved on most days
  2. You can see the lumps on your sounder, but I usually just have a look over the side. Can usually see the bottom or most of the way down on a good day. Head out about 2km then a bit up north, then you will find an area full of concrete blocks.
  3. When long reef gets rough and has strong currents a lot of the fish go into the debris where there are quite a few caves/ crevices. Just drop a bait right on top of them and they come out pretty quickly
  4. Can someone please confirm whether this is the correct weed for luderik. Thanks
  5. On a kayak, your silhouette is a lot lower, shadow is usually a lot smaller and you can travel around a lot quieter. As said before, stealth is key, especially in clearer water. Fish are very routine, if anything is to out of the ordinary, they will be spooked. An example of this is the carp in the dam. Caught many carp over the years out of the dam, but over time they stopped taking my baits if I stood in my usual spot. When I crouched down, the baits got smashed. Furthermore kayaks has almost an all access pass to access different waterways, meaning they can fish a lot closer to structure and different areas.
  6. 250m is absolutely perfect. It's enough to stop 90% of things. I use about 300m of 15lbs and have never had any issues stopping things. The fish are usually a lot closer in than expected, so you don't always need to cast so far out. Reasonable size Jew fish will give you a run for your money, but if you okay them well, shouldn't be an issue. The only thing that will pose an issue would be rays and sharks. Some of those can be unstoppable, lost over 800m of braid to a shark.
  7. In the dam there's about 3 that hit lures while the rest don't 😂.
  8. Curl tail grubs. I think upper Nepean has quite a few carp. I use a float with a bit of bread which works everytime
  9. How far up north do you head? We went yesterday and absolutely struggled, 12psi, 35s and just kept getting bogged, was an absolute struggle. We tried a couple of gutters but every bait was just washed back in and up the beach.
  10. I'm actually using prawns and beach worms and still having issues 🤣 Where do you even get a Rod that can cast 700g? I thought that is drone territory. Thanks for the advice though, much appreciated. Mainly targetting bream ect.
  11. Anyone got any tips for fishing stockton? baits, rigs and just general info would be much appreciated, thanks. having issues of my baits being washed back in using a size 2 star sinker.
  12. Could you post a pic of the rig you are using, I mainly fish bait and almost all my reels have braid and I have never encountered this issue.
  13. It was a live pike, so doubt a ray got it. Just a few nights before, there was a very large Jew pulled out on a yakka.
  14. Nelson bay 17/7/23 Gkt chatting to some locals and was given a few secret spots where large fish have been caught quite regularly. Anyways traditionally haven't caught anything big apart from sharks. Anyways got there got pike after pike on cooked prawns. Many garfish around as well. Threw out a chunk of tuna on a 6/0 circle, and after about 10 mins, went to check the rod and felt a very heavy weight. After a good 20 min fight, big portjackson, close to 1m, wasn't able to land, so cut the hook and released. They put up a good fight though Rerigged put a pike on a 9/0 and 6/0 snell rig, under a float and threw it out into the current. After about 30 mins or so, slow peeling of line, waited a few seconds then turned off bait runner and had a massive weight, felt a lot heavier heavy, and just a slow but very strong pull until these big shakes. I was starting to loose line, and about to get into the backing, so i tightened the drag and dug in like fighting a shark, was thinking it was a Jewish because of the shakes but never would have thought a Jewish would be this strong. Kept leaning back and eventually the rod gave in and snapped. The one time I use lighter gear I hook into a monster and break the rod, bit of a heart break but still an awesome experience. There's definitely monsters around there.
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