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Not much info on QLD here, but when it's all said and done, rivers are the same all over, look for structure, fish the tides with fresh/live local bait, just turning up at mid day with a packet of servo prawns at a easy to get to spot is not conducive to good catches. On a rising tide, fish light line with no sinker and live Nippers, right up in the shallows, as the tide drops, look for places the water runs off, fish there for Flathead, cast lures right into trees and logs for Bream, pump your own Nippers, catch your own Poddy Mullet, look for Squirt Worms, you will get fish, you just need to work at it, secret spots are not the answer.

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4 hours ago, Subtropic said:

Look for submerged coffee rock if you are chasing Jacks. Head further upstream past Tewantin, less people and fishing pressure. 

Thanks mate @Subtropic, for the jacks is there a time and tide that would be a preference, and are there any good places in specific? Also, would live herring on a sinker work for the jacks?


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13 minutes ago, Oscar125fishing said:

The only problem is the recent change in the river after heavy rains which has stirred up fish, and changed productivity over the last week.

Thats something we all have to deal at times with no matter where you fish in Australia!

I will put this to you, with less visibility the fish rely on vibration more, so if fishing artificials the SP's I would go to are paddle tales.

Alternatively I would also go the a vibe of some description. 

Baits in the right location like eddy's would work well.


Good luck ✌️

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