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Hi Raiders,

I thought I would share an interesting video on drag settings with you.

I remembered this video after watching a guy in a video with his drag almost locked up trying to contain a fish.

He was jigging in 100M and the jig was taken quite close to the surface by the look of it.

The fish, a kingie I presume, was taking some line, but he didn't look in any danger of getting reefed in the deep water.

Many have seen this before, I am certain, but for some of the less experience members this is a great video about how

your drag is impacted by a fish taking a lot of line off the spool.

Here is the video

Its worth a look.






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As I stated in another thread some time back in regards to " what fishing show do you watch " .

Totally awsome fishing show is the only one I watch on a regular basis. I just like the guy and how he presents his show, no nonsense and does most things on the cheap.

He is a multi millionaire that could afford the very best of everything , yet he makes his own sinkers and scrounges different objects to use in his fishing. has a moderate boat and uses no nonsense fishing gear.

Not everyone's cup of tea but for me I enjoy watching his videos.


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