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This question will be sacrilege to those who love eating oysters but I don’t like the taste. :o

I came across a spot the other day where there were thousands of oysters good size some about 5” x 3” on rocks and easily accessible at low tide.

I want to know what would be the best way to preserve them for a few days to use as bait. :1fishing1:

I think if I just shelled them and froze them they would dry out. Someone suggested freeze them in saltwater.

Thought one of you guys might have already done this. :15:



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Oh my, WASH YOUR MOUTH OUT WITH SALTWATER :ranting2: Oysters are great to eat and very hard to use as bait being so soft and yummy :biggrin2:

Cheers Swordfisherman

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Mate if you cant stand the taste of oysters rather than using them as bait why dont use them as berly

you could eat as many as you can stomach and just spew them out the back of the boat it would work a treat :074::074::074: What I do when Im land based fishing and I know theres heaps of oysters around I take a hammer and mash them up and that sends the bream crazy. Bait wise I would try salting. Theres an oyster farm at Ballina and they have a huge school of bream waiting at there balcony all the time expecting a feed. I have never seen anything like it if you threw a piece of bread off the balcony they were like piranas and if an oyster was dropped down look out . The owner showed me how he caught them it was amazing he just used a bait holder hook and and lowered a oyster down on a hand line and Bang magic to watch.

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Yeh, if you must. :1yikes: .........use a Ludrick outfit along a breakwall tie on with Baitmate or wrap them up in newpaper with heaps of salt the night before. Bream, ludrick, Drummer love them...just think these fish probably spend half there life trying to get them out. They wont knock back a freeby.

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