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Fly fishing beginner -Gear advice


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Hey everyone,

I am really keen on getting into fly fishing for the first time after giving it a go, and need suggestions for what to buy. I intend on targeting small pelagics such as bonito and rat kings, but also estuary species such as flatties and maybe bream. What gear should I get in the $300-400 range?

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Hi mate,

For saltwater and that budget it sounds like you are talking somewhere in the 7 to 9 weight range. I run both a 7 weight for the lighter stuff and a 9 weight for on my kayak when the schools are busting up.

The easiest way is some of the Saltwater all in one kits. Got one for one of my friends a year or so ago which from memory was the Redington Crosswater Outfit Combo in 4 piece and with 8 weight line. RRP about $259 but I bought it for him at about $180.

It comes with CROSSWATER rod, CROSSWATER reel pre-spooled with RIO Mainstream WF fly line, and cordura rod tube.

I was really impressed with the bang for buck and considering my 7 weight is about a $700 Sage rod I hope that it is pretty high praise indeed.

Can discuss further. Where are you based.




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