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Advice Needed!


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hi everyone i just joined today after browsing the internet looking for some fishing advice, and i ended up reading reports and discussions from fishraider for ages! so good one with the site its great!! anyway... basically i moved to australia a year or so ago with my parents and i was really into fishing back in the uk but since i have been over here im clueless :wacko: we have a small 4.2m tinnie at my aunts house on lake macquarie at the moment but it is a lot of effort to get up there and back every weekend. and even then the fishing consists of me basically stopping the boat randomly and wetting a line! a few ok fish but nothing to write home about.

so basically i was looking for some advice on fishing genrally, more closer to the sydney area preferably. but anyone who knows about lake macquarie i would love to hear it also. i live near Hornsby so where/when/how what to use everything and any advice you can give me i would appreciate a lot! i start uni soon and i really am desperate to get out there fishing seriously again!


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:1welcomeani: to Fishraider Scottish .I am sure you will get plenty of help from the fishos here :thumbup: what sort of fish are you after and what type of gear are you using ???

Cheers Swordfisherman

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Thanks for the welcome,

Well i really dont mind what kind of fish i catch but everyone seems to be talking about Jewfish and Flathead. and they are being caught around the hawkesbury and lake macquarie which would be easiet for me. so whatevers hot at the moment really, i dont mind trying different techniques as i have been mainly using prawns on long shank hooks and getting little bream and the ocasional flathead on lake macquarie. i have been using 6ft boat/spinning rods with 4kg line or so. So going towards bream and flathead i think. i also have a 7ft carbon fibre rod and a couple of others inc. a 9ft uglystick with around 10kg line (cant remember off the top of my head!). but these rods are what i used to catch trout back in the uk so i realise they might not exactally be suited to over here. but again, anything you can tell would be great, and im willing to update my equiptment if necessary!

thanks in advance

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:1welcomeani: to the site scottish

My results from the Hawkesbury are less than impressive so I won't be shring any secret holes with you.

I've had my best results around port hacking and down along the coast to Garie.

Botany bay also usually produces well.

I'm sure the guys here will help you out, may be worthwhile offering to go deckie for someone to show you the ropes. There a good bunch of people here and it's usually not too difficult to pair up with a boatie looking for some crew.

Good luck

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Guest lbgking

How ya goin mate and :1welcomeani:

I have next week off if you want to launch the boat and have a look around the Hawkesbury if intrested?

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