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Quibaree Park Fishing?


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Hi all,

I was wondering if Quibaree park is any good to fish? It looks like a pretty decent spot with 4 wharves but there’s nothing else on the web that says about fishing in Quibaree park. I will be using a light spinning lure rod with 4lb braid and 8lb leader and also a medium 14lb braid and mono spinning rod for bait and will be going for anything that bites as I was just introduced to lure fishing by @DerekD.

Thanks fishos,


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Just now, Little_Flatty said:

Hi Albert,

Search for any reports mentioning Lavender Bay on this site: Showing results for '"lavender bay"'. - Fishraider

I've never fished there myself, but there are clearly fish to be had.

Early morning pelagics and bream are two options that I know are there for sure.


Thanks Little_flatty I’ll keep that in mind 

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