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  1. Hey Zoran, this might be one big coincidence haha, because he said he was on fishraider as well so I assumed it was you . Well we'll just have to wait and see if he comments haha
  2. Hey All, I finally found some time for fishing last sunday, and so a plan to head to botany bay was quickly made. I arrived at around 11 in the morning and started to wade out from one of the beaches. The beach was one big sandflat and proved to be a good prospect for topwater whiting with many decent whiting cruising around. Alas, i had not planned for a wading session and my pants were getting wet so I started to move up the beach. I moved up to a small rockwall and made a few casts, with only one of those casts connecting with an okay sized tailor. Back it went, and I kept moving. Finally I had found a decent beach that actually had other people fishing it 😅. There was a really good drop off and was parallel to a channel so i decided to set up shop and make a few concentrated casts. I was using one of the new bait junkie prawns at first, as it had done me a few favors the last time I had fished botany bay in my mates boat. However, the fish were clearly not interested in the presentation with all the tiny baitfish swarms going about. Within 15 minutes of switching to a slim baitfish profile I had already landed three barely legal flatties, nothing to write home about though. At this point in time I felt my neck warming up a bit, so I asked the gentlemen fishing next to me if he had any sunscreen to spare, he generously gave me some and we talked for a bit about the fishing there. Turns out, this was no one else but @zmk1962! He had been getting onto some big tailor swimming by earlier but it looked like the bite had turned off for the both of us. There were a bunch of blue swimmers around picking away at Zoran's bait and I had almost landed one on my plastic. Zoran then hooks up again to a nice trevally so I threw my blade out there, only to have it land on top of another barely legal flathead . The next cast results in the smallest snapper I've ever caught and as the wind and current picks up, Zoran decided to call it quits. I quickly followed after him as my stomach was rumbling and I was already happy enough with catching some fish. It was nice meeting you @zmk1962, thanks for the sunscreen, company (and the secret jewie spot!) I'm sure we'll see each other around!. Thanks for reading, Albert
  3. Monster trevally! Good stuff @linewetter , shame about the rod though.
  4. Looks like a lot of fun mike! Definitely giving this a go
  5. Cheers Yowie! Thanks Jenno! The bonnie was really good as well, bled and then marinated in some lime juice for the frying pan! Just don't know how to prepare them haha, maybe in a nice soup Thanks for the advice mate, next weekend looks tempting haha, just gotta convince my mate now as we all have school cadet camp next week.
  6. Good stuff mate, any tips for the blue eye haha. We headed out on saturday but had zero bites on squid :(. There were some dollies around at browns mountain as well
  7. Hey Everyone, With the spectacular weather this Easter long weekend, I decided to head out with some mates to deep drop for blue eye cod at browns mountain. Seems like everyone else had the same plan as we counted 25 boats before leaving. We planned to send down some fresh squid on the electric and do some jigging with a 600g jig. Literal first drop on the jig my mate snags it and instantly looses 400m of line . That was the end of jigging for us so we just sat around eating chips waiting for something to happen to the electric. I got bored waiting around so I got the squidtrex out on the baitcaster and made a few casts. Much to my delight a couple of bright blue dollies started to circle it but wouldn’t commit. As I thought that it was a lost cause I see two blue fast moving shapes derail and speed towards the squidtrex, they circle it for a bit and finally commit, unfortunately it was a small mack tuna but was still exhilarating sight fishing for them. When we were preparing for another drop on the electric I suffered the first of many injuries on this trip which was catching a hook on the hand as my mate dropped the sinker too early. Luckily it didn’t do too much damage and after a bandaid or two we got back to fishing. Finally we decided to cut our losses and head to a FAD. The dollies weren’t out to play so we dropped down some fresh bonito fillets. This ended the fish drought and rewarded us with around 10 longfin perch, 3 snapper, a massive leatherjacket and a huge John Dory. On the way in we decided to troll around the heads and after multiple missed hookups and bites we managed to land a 60cm Bonnie! Overall, not a bad day out and pretty good for my first time offshore! (No more seasickness! ) Cheers, Albert
  8. Hey volitan thanks for your help, I accidentally wrote central coast instead of the north coast haha, I think my parents want to go to port stephens or port macquarie
  9. Hey everyone, This is extremely close sighted but does anyone have any recommendations for a longtail tuna charter in the central coast? I’ll be up there to visit for the Easter long weekend. Any info is appreciated, please hit me up in the pms thanks. Cheers, Albert
  10. I'm not an expert so don't quote me but for snapper you'll need a good burley line, you can get the frozen logs of chum and put it in a berley bucket and let the waves carry the berley down the rocks. This would bring up the snapper and fish close to the ledge so you wouldn't need to fish off the bottom. Watch some of the lateral line's videos for added info.
  11. Hey Evos, @DerekD will probably get around in a bit but heres an excellent article he wrote. Basically theres not really any set spots for squid, you'll just need sand and weed and structure. Have a look at google maps or google earth and it should reveal some good spots.
  12. Looks like a good day out @linewetter . @DerekD Where was my boomerang lesson???
  13. Good Plan. I was looking at going to narrabeen as well if the swell turned out to be bad.
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