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Belanglo state forest fishing - Wingecarribee river


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Going up for a school camp and me and some wates want to pack some handlines and maybe go for a fish while there. Any advice would be good. the river will be Wingecarribee river. seen carp and trout being taken so far. thinking of trolling lures and maybe some live worms? thank for the advice

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Hi BH,

Never fished it but I have relos nearby so would love to know how you go. You reckon its big enough for a small yak? I'm surprised there is trout in there as I would have thought they would have been knocked around by the big droughts over the last 25 years. Might be a few if they are still stocking it. I think there could be a few redfin and bass around too. Live worms should attract all species in the river. Lures would catch fish but that country looks snaggy as.

Good luck.


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