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Line & Leader for Snapper

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G’day everyone,

I’m after some advice for snapper fishing from the rocks. Over the last few years I’ve been fishing for snapper in winter off my local rocks using half pillies under a float with moderate success, normally landing a couple of snapper in the 30-40cm range each session. However I normally fish pretty heavy (50lb braid and 50lb leader).

After doing some research and reading reports on here, I decided to try fishing today with my 9’6 rod I use for squid, 3000 size reel with 15lb braid and 20lb leader. 

I had some success landing a 59cm snapper after an epic fight and the leader breaking just as I washed it up with another fisho managing to grab the fish for me before it got washed back in. 

However I hooked another even bigger snapper which took off like a freight train, huge head shakes and line peeling off my reel, I managed to turn it and get some line back but then it went for another run and ping, leader broken and a few choice words from me. It made me think perhaps it wasn’t the best decision  using such light gear.

So my question is, what line and leader do others use when fishing for snapper specifically off the rocks? On one hand I think maybe I should up my leader to 30 or 40lb to give me more of a chance if I manage to hook more big snapper, but I am worried it may make the fish relunctant to bite. 




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that's the challenge, 

you could probably up it to 20lb braid and 30lb flurocarbon leader would be a reasonable happy medium you're always going to lose a few but at least you'll stand a better chance 

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This might seem a bit old fashioned, but I never use braid off the rocks, it gets caught the instant it touches anything! but that's just my experience. I used to do quite a bit of Snapper fishing off the rocks, and only ever used 20lb mono straight to the hook, but were I fished, getting them up on the rocks was reasonably easy using the waves. I don't think you should be breaking any leader that strength, where did it break, at a knot?

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