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Live bait setup options/opinions


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I've been looking at getting more into live baiting and the ins and outs of the gear around that. Not looking at getting any my self, but interested in what type of gear people have. There's obviously different target species, so it would be helpful if you could please mention the target species on that setup. And wether people use overhead or spinning. And also curious about baitrunners/ liveliners and how they live bait. I've never personally used one so interested as to what people use them for and how they find them. 

For me personally I prefer a lever drag for live baiting as It's easy to adjust the drag. For sheltered waters I use a squall 50 vsw on a roller tip rod, dripping yakkas for king's. I know it's big and bulky but for what I want I quite enjoy it. 

Offshore on the kayak is where the battle 2 or slammer or spinfisher come out on a 15kg Penn rod. All of them work well, but prefer the spinfisher the most. 

Thanks for your opinions and different options I'm curious about what other use as I'm just new to this live baiting thing. Also any info about live baiting with bait runners would be great 

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