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Shakespeare Sapphire Plus Rod


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I just googled the rod and if it’s the one I saw, it’s 7 foot long which is a bit short for the rocks unless you have relatively deep water right at your feet.

That being said, a 6-10kg rod should be capable of handling good size tailor and salmon along with small tuna such as frigates and bonito. At a pinch, you could add rat kings and medium size mack tuna if you have somewhere low to wash them out or a gaff/large landing net.

Ideally you should be looking at something a little longer in my opinion. I’d be going for something around 9 or 10 foot. That way you can stay a little further back from the edge (safety) and improve your casting distance significantly.

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12 hours ago, Subtropic said:

Yeah I just did a search on the net and they were selling them at MoTackle years ago. My rod is 10ft, so at some stage this particular model must have a decent range.

Hopefully this weekend I will give it a go.

Sounds good then. Good luck on the weekend.

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