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Beach ballooning...

couch fisho

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Thinking about ballooning off the beach here in wa,

maybe helium but probs just sending livies out under a balloon

chasing pelagics,

wanting to know what setup would be nice- rod reel line

thinking a torium 30 with 50lb on a abu veritas 10-20kg overhead 7'9" rod,


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The reel sounds about right, your going to want a 30w, personally id be going a Tyrnos. As for the rod, id go a bit longer, like a penn prevail 10ft 15-24kg rod. as for the baloons, your going to need favorable conditions, if you can id be going a drone as they open the window for fishing less favorable conditions. 

Another option would be to get a overhead reel that is cabable of casting - though personally id still be going the drone. 

50 lbs should be fine, id be putting some backing on so you dont have such a large investment in line. If you do want a large amount of braid, look at ashconfish, I use it on my shark reels, they come in bulk for a reasoable price. 

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