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Squid Fishing Pittwater


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Hey Raiders,

I've just recently started to get into squid fishing but haven't had much success. Are there any good spots around Pittwater (particularly around Church Point and preferably on land) that would be worth trying? I don't have a boat but I do have a kayak. If there are some good spots, could you please provide tips for them. 

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17 minutes ago, slothparade said:

The weed beds all through there hold squid but when it's a busy day it's hard going. 

If you head out from church point and head right, you will find the weed beds along there. Use a light natural coloured squid jig, I prefer a brown jig, and slowly retrieve it back through the beds. You can also try slow trolling but I haven't had much success. But yeah of theres been boats running up and down through there, don't really bother with the squid, unlikely they will be interested. 

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