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The basin campground: Putting boat on beach overnight vs mooring?


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We're heading to The basin campground (Ku-ring-gai Chase) to go overnight camping. Thinking about leaving the boat moored to the beach overnight. Anyone else seen this done? Doesn't seem to be any public moorings in that bay unfortunately. The PDF from NPWS just says:

11. All vessels moored or anchored to the beach must ensure that anchors, chain and lines are covered, protected, or otherwise marked at all times for the safety of persons on the beach. Do not use rocks to hold anchors

12. Occupants of boats moored to the beach and day visitors using The Basin beach must pay landing fees

Or do we just use a mooring there and hope nobody from one of the clubs comes?

Also don't know if there is any Telstra coverage. Wanting to work on my Azure Devops backups startup over the weekend. Hopefully am able to connect. 

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I was lucky when I lived up that way,I was member of the RMYC who have moorings in the Basin.

Just watch for Rangers. Sometimes they are nasty & will book you for anything.

Have a great time. Top spot.


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Welcome aboard.

You just have to be carefull at the Basin because it is so busy..

The Rangers in the past have been a pain.

If I couldn't find a mooring I just anchored it off the beach.

Have a great time.


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