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Sydney Harbour 13/01/06

jay power

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post-1429-1137220481_thumb.jpghi all raiders

spent last nite fishing sydney harbour.left rosebay at 4.30pm

and headed over to the wedding cake.just a heap of small pinkies.

so then we moved over to bradleys head.fishing with prawn we were

getting a few pinkies about 15-20cm.changed to a full pilchard on gang hooks

castin towards the shore i got a huge hit on the rod.about 5mins later a flattie

was on the other end.didnt have a tape measure so not exactly sure how big

but we did have scales on board and it weighted 3.8kgs.had a go over at

sow and pigs for a few tailor.back at the ramp i saw some guys who were fishing sow and pigs

who had bagged out on tailor and some of the biggest slimies ive ever seen.they are the ones with the big eyes.

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