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Sunday Morning for Donuts


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Hi All,

Has been a while since I posted.

Have been working a fair bit and doing lots of work around the house and keeping the wife and kids happy. 

Went to my normal Sydney rock platform early on Sunday morning and found the rising tide a little more than I expected, so geared up and put the life vest on just in case. 

There were a few people already there but as always there is room for one more just be patient.

As I arrived another guy turned up and he had been stood up by his mates, poor fella had no bait and no local knowledge, so I have him a handfull of pillies and showed him where not to fish in the conditions.

Still surprises me how many people don't do their homework on a fishing spot, during the day had to educate a number of people on why certain spots were not good for fishing due to the waves.

So after spinning, casting,  spinning casting and spinning casting for 3 hours I had nothing to show. I did feel better though as no one else had anything either. Some days it just does not happen, there was plenty of bait in the water. Just no fish.

I did meet some good people though, they were grateful for the advice and me that they were there to talk to, so I will take that as a win and a good day getting some sun and smelling the sea salt. 

Stay Safe

Rock & Beach


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Good on you for helping educate others as to the many dangers of fishing the rocks- so many folk just don't have a clue what to do, not from stupidity, rather from inexperience. Where else do you learn? If not for fishers such as yourself, the tragic rate of rock fishing incidents will continue to increase.

Great work Rock&Beach

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