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Windang-Just got back


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Just got back from a drive down to Windang with the family for a look around and feed.Plenty of people fishing and catching a few.I could see schools of whiting in the shallows.

Pearler of a day but getting hot and surprising there was still parking at Berkley ramp and at the Bridge ramp.

What’s the go with Reddall reserve boat ramp?Not much parking there?We just had a feed at Aishes and walked around everywhere then drove home.

lakes cleaning up nicely.

chatting to a bloke at Aish’s (Local) there in his tinny with daughter in tow telling me they are doing well in channel and drop off.Some good fish caught.

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28 minutes ago, noelm said:

Shame you didn’t call me I have a I met of just cooked lake prawns to eat

Maybe next time as it was a spare of the moment thing after tending to our horses this morning.Many times we decide we are going and gone before you know it on spare of the moment trips like that.

  I wanted to look at Berkley @ Reddall ramps for launch options mainly.

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