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Lighting upgrade Tempe Reserve

Mike Sydney

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For those who fish the Tempe recreational reserve, they are putting in lighting on the reserve waterside boardwalk.

Last of the lamps are being delivered today and they should have them switched on mid-April.


This is good news for night fisherman! A good spot just got even better.

Side brag - luderick on lure here today!


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18 minutes ago, Green Hornet said:

Down this way, lights bordering the water’s edge means bait and the jewfish will be lurking along the shadow line. Hopefully your spot is about to get a whole lot better.

Yeah exactly that’s what got me excited about it. It’s already pretty juicy around there but this will make it that much better again. You’re so right about the shadow line I love dragging a lure right down the length of them - “get paid in the shade” I heard it called !

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So the lights are up and working, but set too far back from the waters edge to really improve the fishing. Though it does seem the local bat/flying fox population don’t like them as they’ve moved to other trees. Which is good, as I’ve had them go after my lures mid-air when casting, swoop near my hand and  their poop splashing on the water always tricks me into thinking it’s fish 😁

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