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Just thought I'd do a quick run-down on the gear we took

We didn't use any particularly special gear although travel rods are pretty much a must

I used baircast gear my medium light setup was a samaki zing gen III travel 3 piece 8-17lb matched with a shimano curado 200 baitcast reel and 39lb braid

Medium heavy daiwa td hyper 8-12kg 3 piece travel matched with a penn squall 300 bc reel and 50lb braid


Samaki zing gen 3 travel 6ft spin 8-17lb with a shimano stradic 3000 and 30lb braid

MH, abu garcia veritas 3 piece travel 8-12kg  ATC virtious spin 5000 reel and 40lb braid


Our big rod

Shimano revolution travel 3 piece 15-24kg ATC vigour 8000 spin reel and 80lb braid


Stand out lures were reidys b52 junior, zerek skittish dog 85mm topwater, halco roosta popper 85mm and halco laser pro 120mm

The pirahnas are next level destructive and will eventually trash pretty much everything 60lb wire for diving hardbodies worked well but is never a guarantee I definitely didn't come prepared for how bad they can be

All terminals including hooks and split rings must be upgraded on everything even the halcos

There will be a youtube video coming soon in which I'll do a full tackle talk and rundown of the trip 

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