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Stern savers


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I'm about ready to get a live bait tank re installed, didn't get around to it after the rebuild and the move, one of those " I'll get round to it " jobs.

Since I had a full transom job and raised it in the rebuild, I simply can't bring myself to drilling any holes there. So, was going to use the stern savers, which are an epoxy system, but when searching, I see that they now have a 3m type adhesive tape type system available now,, I'll probably still go with the epoxy version for peace of mind, but didn't realize there was an alternative option.   Has anyone used the 3m stick pad option that's available ???

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13 minutes ago, noelm said:

Not too sure what you're getting at....are you trying to avoid drilling holes?

Stern savers are alternatives to drilling holes in the transom, so yes avoiding drilling holes.

The epoxied pad system has been available for some time, the pad stuck on with 3m double sided tape is a new one on me. Both systems adhere a kingboard type material pad onto the transom. I was set on using the epoxy system, but saw this new system where no epoxy was used, just this 3m d/s tape.

I was interested if anyone has used this. I'm sceptical any d/s tape could survive in salt water use, hanging a tranny or similar off it submerged, but it's being advertised as such.


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1 hour ago, dunc333 said:

wow they claim the larger one can hold 400kg i reckon you could find a few reviews from the usa

It was quite surprising to me seeing a double sided tape option in all honesty.

I want to fit a pad, mainly to hold my bait tank pick up, If I can fit a larger pad, to maybe utilize a future tranny, all well and good, but even after seeing some of the reviews, my gut sais to use the epoxy version.

I use to use a fair amount of specialist D/S tapes in the industry I worked in, some of the so called " water tapes " were mind boggling strong, but I've not seen any before used in salt water conditions.

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