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Abu Garcia warranty

Mike Sydney

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Anybody gone through Abu Garcia warranty process recently? 

Last night my mate had his S2000 reel fly into the water when he cast. The bottom half stayed on his rod, but the spool and drag went into the salt. I managed to retrieve it but the drag adjustment bit is missing.

We’d been fishing for a couple hours both landed some bream , one of the last casts as we were going home.

I have to figure something snapped as there’s no way he loosened the drag to the point it wasn’t attached anymore….

Has anyone ever experienced anything like this , or dealt with Abu’s local warranty process?

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Does the reel have a thread on the end of the main shaft where the drag system screws on OR is it the type that has the drag around the edge of the spool ?.

1 If there is still thread on the shaft there is no way the spool could come off IF there was any sort of drag on the spool.

2 the button on the end must be depressed for the spool to come off.

Either way I believe it would be user fault and no warranty will be honored

Just my opinion.


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970B5528-7FA0-488A-B66C-99596918453F.jpeg.e5ff71b49e67a8c93ab81914afa36391.jpegThanks @frankS . It was the pictured reel, only a couple months old. I said he must have had the drag loosened right off but he swears he had it around 60%. He’d landed a fish on it only a few casts earlier!

The warranty process seems straightforward but I will prepare him for a fight on user error. I can’t see how it could have happened other than the drag being right off, but he is adamant it wasn’t. Will see how we go!

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you can buy a replacement drag knob for under $5 + freight. Hardly worth going through warranty claim.

All the drag washers will still be in the recovered spool.


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Amazing thanks for the advice @frankS . So as all the “good parts” of the reel stayed dry and really only the spool got wet, it’s just a case of replacing the missing drag knob.

He’ll try warranty but good to know it’s not a write-off of the reel from that section being in the drink.

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