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Derek's Fly Fishing Lesson

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Morning Raiders,

With my birthday coming up I've decided on an early birthday present of the Reddington Crosswater combo in the 8 weight and so I met up with good ol' @DerekD at the fishing station on sunday in the afternoon just to find out the last crosswater had been sold that morning, Derek had been warning me to call them and to tell them to put one aside for me but me being lazy only checked on their website the day before and that is a lesson I've learnt now, In the end all was good as I put my name down on a contact list for and we carried on to the important part of the day, the lesson. Over the course of two hours or so Derek managed to get me to be able to sort of consistently false cast and sometimes throw in a haul or two on the grass where we practiced. However once we started making casts on the water everything changed due to the water grabbing the line which threw me off the unstable rhythm i had built up however overall I've learnt a lot and fly fishing has given me another big hit of the fishing bug, anyways many thanks to Derek for spending his sunday afternoon teaching me a lesson and hopefully for many others to come.

Thanks for reading,


(p.s @DerekD I've also been looking at the vice outfit which is also saltwater rated and has a 7 weight option, it's a bit more expensive but i have the budget, the reviews online have also been amazing and you can also use me like a guinea pig to test how well it performs)

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Great work @AlbertW and @DerekD!

I learned to cast a fly around your age, Albert. I was very lucky to have a local tackle shop with an owner who took the time to teach me a wide range of things fishing. Alas, those skills died off and here I am as a grown man trying to learn them again! Don't make the mistake I did! Use your youth and growing independence/freedom wisely 😎

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