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Montague Island Snapper


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Thought I might try heading out to Montague island before sun up to try for some snapper this week. Can any one give me some gps marks as a strating point where I am likely to encounter some. I am aware of the layout of the island and surrounds so if marks are not available a bit of a guide to a suitable area would suffice.

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Bloggsy. I could send you 100 decent G P S marks from the island to Golan point south of Bermi but we will start off with a decent Snapper spot as thisa is what you have asked for.

Aughinish rock 36.16.40   150.13.46

If you want a comprehensive list of spots send me a email at fastrailers@optusnet.com.au and I will send them to you.


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Thanks for the offer Frank but I have plenty of gps marks for the area as you said I was mainly after snapper spots at the island I have put your mark in my sounder and will give it a go thank you.

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