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Squid fishing Sydney area and good spots/tackle to use

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Hey everyone, 

new topic here, I'm sure many people might need this at some time. Do any experts have any good spots for squid around Sydney Harbour/Botany Bay, preferably not too far from the Randwick area? I've tried fishing for squid and have been targeting them for ages, but the best I've gotten is a cuttlefish. I went to Yarra/Frenchman's Bay today but didn't catch anything at all. So if anyone could tell me some good spots that would be great. It would also help if anyone could tell the best colour, size and brand jig to use or if to use squid spikes and what method, place and time to fish each spot. Thanks so much,

Tight lines, Jake

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Don't know the area at all, but, squid are squid, look for broken bottom, some weed, reef and sand if possible. Squid like clear smoothish water, late afternoon into dark, or very early morning, high tide seems to be best. Any sort of rod and squid jigs will work, even the cheap ones are OK. Cast out, allow the jig to sink to close to the bottom (guesswork) then slow retrieve with a bit of a "hop" now and then.......good luck.

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Asking for a spot is only a small part of what you need to learn. Squid move around. 15 minutes could make all the difference between getting some and that donut. Read this:


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