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Not so fond memorys


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Who can remember the old boat ramp that was at Penrhyn road botany before the foreshore ramp was built ?.

I used to launch there often and at low tide the black silt could be knee deep and there could be as little as 2 " of water to put the boat in, sometimes if I timed it wrong I would have to wait for the tide to come in a bit before I could launch a boat. The 12-14 footers were hard but my 5.3 savage Lancer , well you would have to wait OR go to another ramp.

They eventually moved the ramp up to the corner /end of Penrhyn road which made things much easier and this was a 2 lane ramp with a good incline and things got much better.


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Sorry Frank, I don’t remember that one but I do remember when they used to swim the horses where Cooks river came out near the Bridge and when you could fish off the old Wharf at Port Botany before redeveloped, used to get a few squid off there.

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