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Got a new boat - any recent tips/reports? Syd harbour

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Hey all, recently got a boat and am out of the loop of where it's firing at the moment at Sydney harbour. Any tips or reports appreciated, targeting kingfish.

I have a 5.6m alimunum boat with 115hp 4 stroke so can take it most places, but due to my boating experience the furthest I would go is longeeef. 

Went out last week for the first time, got some live squid, but didn't really know where to drop it. Tried around south head but struggled to find markers. 

I have done research and have a couple gps marks for kingies now and will scout them out, but any reports of where others have caught recently would help out alot, I.e. are the kingies more in the harbour, or around the headlands, or close reefs etc. Thanks all.

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