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Baitcaster - line tangles on fish


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Hi fish Raiders!

I got my first baitcaster delivered in the post yesterday and went out for a fish. Happy to say no bird nesting though my brakes and spool tensions are pretty high:)


I was flicking a 3 inch rapala prawn SP on a 1/8th and lucky enough to get onto 2 flatties and 1 soapie, but I noticed that my leader was wrapping around the fish as I was fighting them. I found this a little weird as this almost never happens when I'm using spinning gear.

Just wanted to know if anyone else has had similar experience or might know why this is happening? Maybe something to do with the way I'm fighting the fish - tighter drag and muscling it in, rather than letting the drag sing like I would on light spinning gear?




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With most baitcasters having a slower retrieve ratio (you haven’t mentioned your reel) than a spin reel, the only thing I can think of would be you’re possibly lowering your rod tip a little fast when pumping and winding, causing a little slack line. Though flathead are known for their “crocodile roll” when hooked, often causing the issue you describe. Could be a combination of both.

Either way, nice catch and a great introduction to baitcasters, along with “blooding” your new reel.

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I've caught thousands of fish using baitcaster rod and reel and never experienced what you describe. I do try to use drag settings mostly and in all fairness, most of my catches are close to the rod tip. As mentioned, most likely the fishes reaction in that particular environment. Well done anyway, keep up the good work, and enjoy your new gear.


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