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Hope this is alright to put in this section.

For those with any interest, as mentioned, I like to tinker with old reels, Modding and bringing old reels back into the 21st century.

Currently I'm tinkering with a few reels, even tho I should be out there wetting a line, tinkering is my weakness.

The back one is one I mentioned in another thread, a completed a Penn Senator 4/0 narrowed with a one piece frame and all internal stainless steel gear upgrade and converted to a double dog set up. I'm yet to put this one to the test, all my other completed 4/0's are standard width, which do have set backs as far as weight goes. This one is filled with 80lb braid with 100 meters of 50lb mono, it should be fun to fish with 😃

The one in front of it, is an extra wide Penn Senator 6/0, with the one piece Tiburon frame. I have the new Hex drag system for this one, but am waiting on the new 2 speed set up, currently being prototyped in the states. This is the same size as a Penn international 50, so I'm hoping the new 2 speed gearings works Ok and I can put this in the rod holder rather than an international.

The third one, the Blue reel, was actually one of Accurates first made products when they started out in the industry. They formed a relationship with Penn reels, to make there own frames and sideplates, in the same model range as Penn's senators. The reel is a narrowed 6/0 Senator version, with all standard Senator internals. This actual reel, was one of Accurates sample reels, that they took around tackle shops in the 90's, the salesman retired and was given the 10 reels as a retirement gift from Accurate, of which a friend of mine bought 5 of them when the salesman sold them for funds. I guess I should leave it on the shelf, but I don't really have any sentiment for it, or it's history, I just like the colour and the size 😁, I also nabbed another, exactly the same in gold. Accurate obviously eventually went there own way and started producing there own reels, the rest is history, but this is how they got started, in there garage with there fathers aviation machinery and produced some quality upgraded parts for the trusty Penn reel market. This particular reel, was the actual reel photographed on there original pamphlet... Agggh, bugga the history, it needs to be upgraded and fished !IMG_0821.thumb.JPG.bbfb86fbff00c1badb2c5a9d67db500a.JPG

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